Solutions and Services

Welcome to the support and resources of Becker/SMC, the gateway to understanding your power system


As the world is ever expanding and new topics and products are emerging, Becker/SMC offers training at our corporate facility in Huntington, WV or at your site. We will help you improve job performance by receiving the technical knowledge that can be readily applied to installing, operating and maintaining your new or existing system. You will receive hands-on practical training as well as in-depth classroom instruction with refresher exercises.
Learn about:

  •     Component interaction / application
  •     Longwall Electrics, Power Centers, Starters, and Drive Systems
  •     Power “Back Bone”
  •     Data collection and trending and how this can help you
  •     Problem-solving
  •     Underground Communications Systems

System Design Resources
Becker/SMC can aid in the design of your distribution network which will optimize your facilities performance through:

  •     Grid demand analysis
  •     Understanding your systems life cycle
  •     System methods to calculate voltage and losses in the network, and opportunity to calculate cost benefit ratio incorporating development/ improvements
  •     Capacity utilization
  •     Load flow analysis of the electrical distribution network
  •     Calculation of technical losses in the electrical network under loading conditions
  •     Optimal placement of capacitors in the network
  •     Calculators to aid in the design of your distribution network

Codes and Standards
Organizational links to industry standards