11th of July 2017 marked an important milestone in the Becker Mining China transportation system development as we successfully sold the first toothed monorails in the Chinese market for the Becker Mining Systems Group. In this way, we managed to get ahead of a couple of competitors. The agreement with Shanxi Tiandi Wangpo Coal Mining Co. Ltd. is the reward for two years of diligent and dedicated work done by the Becker Mining China transportation team. The contract carries a significant meaning not only for us, as we introduce a reliable manufacturing process that keeps up with German standards, but it also leads the direction in which we see the underground transportation market is headed.

Suspended monorails solely driven by rack-and-pinion will become more important to Chinese production sites, as they allow maximized loads under harshest conditions. In the meantime, this transition period will create more opportunities for Becker Mining China in the transportation development.